Motorcylist Who Rode From Denver To Colorado Springs In 20 Minutes Arrested

Photo: Gixxer Brah / Denton County Sheriff's Office

The Texas man who went viral for allegedly embarking on a high-speed, 20-minute ride from Denver to Colorado Springs has been arrested. According to KKTV, 32-year-old Rendon Dietzmann, of Justin, Texas was taken into custody last week after the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) revealed an arrest warrant for the suspect in January.

A clip with over 12 million views on X (formerly Twitter) shows Dietzmann allegedly darting between vehicles during his high-speed journey. A standard trip from the Mile High City to Colorado Springs takes an hour under favorable conditions on I-25. The video was originally uploaded on the Gixxer Brah YouTube channel before it was taken down.

Reporters reviewed jail records in Denton County, Texas, and it shows sheriff's deputies arrested Rendon Dietzmann for assault on Wednesday, February 7. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office was listed as the issuing authority. Court records for Dietzmann's case show he was detained last week, the news station reported.

CSP accused the YouTuber of recklessly driving over 150 mph while "squeezing" through small gaps between vehicles on the road. Officials worked with the Dallas Police Department to identify Dietzmann.

“Illegal and reckless driving behavior will not be tolerated in Colorado,” CSP Sergeant Troy Kessler stated last month. “We care too much for those traveling on our roadways to ignore the blatant disregard for the safety of others.”

Dietzmann faces several charges under the warrant, including menacing, engaged in speed contest, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, speeding 40 mph over the speed limit, exhibition of speed, and driving without a license plate.

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