Chris Cornell Estate In Legal Dispute Over Daughter's College Tuition

"Machine Gun Preacher" Premiere - 2011 Toronto International Film Festival

"Machine Gun Preacher" Premiere - 2011 Toronto International Film Festival

Chris Cornell has been gone for two years now, but a new legal dispute has cropped up between his ex-wife, widow, and daughter.

As TMZ reports, when the rock star and his ex-wife Susan Silver divorced back in 2004 they struck a deal that Cornell would pay for their daughter Lilly's college tuition. He set up a trust fund for college and other expenses, and the money is doled out when needed. However, Lilly recently filed a claim in the probates cases asking for money. Days later, the rep for Cornell's estate objected the claim. Sources have told TMZ that Lilly enrolled in a California college last year, and the trust paid her $21,000 per semester. However, after the first week of the second semester Lilly reportedly dropped out of school.

After receiving a contentious email from Lilly's rep, Cornell's widow Vicky — who oversees the trust — called the school and found out Lilly had dropped out. As such, she's not demanding the money be returned but rather no more funds will be administered until there is proof that Lilly is back in school.

"We are shocked that Lilly filed a claim in probate court since for over 2 years Vicky, with no legal obligation to do so, paid all of Chris' remaining child support despite it being questionable Vicky even owed same," Vicky's lawyer Marty Singer said, "as well as 80% of the required educational expenses for Lilly, including a request by Lilly to pay college tuition this semester when she failed to disclose she had dropped out."

The probate judge has yet to rule.

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