Woman Has Twins 27 Days After Giving Birth To Baby Boy

Photo: Getty Images

A 20-year-old in Bangladesh was thrilled to give birth to a baby boy in late February, but found herself worrying about her health just four weeks later. Stomach pains sent her back to the hospital where doctors discovered she was actually still pregnant - with twins no less. They performed an emergency C-section to deliver the two additional children.

According to doctors at the hospital, the woman comes from a rural area and is too poor to have gotten ultrasounds so she had no idea that there were two other babies. Because the twins were in a second womb, after she delivered her first boy, who was premature, she, and her physicians, thought that was it.

She went to a different hospital 26 days later when her stomach pains began, where the doctor involved said, "We were very shocked and surprised. I have never observed something like this before." It turns out, things like this do happen, it's just the mothers are usually aware of it. One medical professional explained the mom has a condition called uterus didelphys, which means she has two uteruses. They explained, "[It's likely that] three eggs ovulated and were fertilized at the same time during her fertile period which resulted in three embryos."

The babies are all healthy, though the new parents are concerned about the cost of raising them. The father earns less than $69 a month as a laborer but said, "It was a miracle from Allah that all my children are healthy. I will try my best to keep them happy."

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